July, 2010

YOU Spectacular Awards

Monday, July 19th, 2010

… And it was exactly that, Spectacular.

As it is each year the YOU Magazine Spectacular Awards are held at Emperors Palace. Dressed by Vivienne’s (big thank you required) and Jacques, by up-coming designer, Doe of Hollywood Designs. Also, a big thank you to Swept Hair Salon, Shaun and his team for the last minute hair.

Everyone who’s anyone was present at the YOU Spectacular awards; From Musicians, Presenters, Soap Stars, Fashion Designers to Models, Sports Heroes and Celeb Couples. This year we were entertained by performances from Flash Republic, and I must just say, lead singer Tamara Dey is incredible on stage. Arno Castens, Louise Carver, Loyiso Bala, Chris Chameleon and BOO (My first introduction to BOO, fascinating … and weird… but fascinating). The most entertaining of the evening was MC Nic Rabinowitz, what a comedian … brilliant delivery, sharp and seriously funny!

Best Newcomer Award went to Locnville, unfortunately they weren’t there but we were played their “thank you” clip. Best Presenter to Leanne Manas who gave a sweet speech about her newly born son, Jacques also commented on how “Sandra Bullock” Leanne is, I do agree. Favourite couple went to Riaan and Michelle Garforth Venter, and in their acceptance speech Riaan joked on how he was once announced gay in the pages of YOU and is now accepting an award for favourite couple, Oh how the industry works! Our good friend Terrence Bridget, who played alongside Jacques in last years Pinocchio Pantomime, won Best Actor. And then we were showered with humble speeches as the glowing and very pregnant Lee-Anne Liebenberg and Janez Vermeiren took Sexiest Female and Male respectively. Janez even commented on how 10 years ago he was popping zits in the mirror, um… yummy.

New Idols presenter Proverb showed off his lovely partner, he likes to introduce her as Mrs. Verb. Very sweet. Most Popular Female went to Jeannie D who thinks my boyfriend has just got THE most adorable face. I know, I know, I am a lucky girl. Trevor Noah took Most Popular Male… I really like this man.

Favourite Radio Personality went to Darren Scott, surprising to me; He was up against Gareth Cliff, Grant and Anele, Jeremy Mansfield and DJ Fresh, and this category showed me what talent we really do have in SA. He admits his secret to losing half of his body in weight, is that he only eats when Julius Malema says something intelligent. Music star of the Year, The Parlotones.

Our food was good, stunning starters and a mean chocolate mouse desert which is always a winner. We were each served a full chicken for mains, and there were 62 tables of 10. A lot of chickens. I told a white lie, said I was vegetarian and had the most delicious veggie lasagna.

We had a brief speech from Mr. SA, Denver Burns and it made me consider where Miss SA was that evening. I find it sad how our current Miss SA, Nicole Flint hasn’t featured as much this year, and I’m not the only one who thinks this, half my table didn’t know her name.

As far as fashion goes, Liezl Van Der Westhuizen was sporting a brand new trendy European summer haircut, and Pabi Moloi, dressed by very talented Lloyd Loots was superbly draped in autumn colours of stripped fabric, she looked stunning. Yup, I was lucky enough to be sharing a table with her dashing designer, and I got his details. Big Smiles!

 The show ended with South Africa on a whole taking News Maker of the Year, YOU magazine dedicating the award to our countries ahievements of 2010. I thought that was really nice.

The camera’s then switched off and the night rolled on, The VIP’s relaxed into their natural personalities, and fell into party mode, open bar, stunning venue, pretty people – You would have all the behind the scenes scoop, except Heat Magazine were unfortunately not invited.

 The You Spectacular Awards show will be broadcast on Monday, 26th July, 21h30 on Mnet



Meeting Good ‘ol Gordon

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

This goes as one of the most satisfying experiences I have yet to have.

Finding out that Celebrity Chef, Gordon Ramsay was to appear and present one of his cursing cook-offs, was an immediate decision to plan a surprise trip from Jo-Burg to Cape Town’s Convention Centre for Gordon’s greatest fan, and my boyfriend, Jacques.

I arranged the flights, hired the car, booked the tickets to the show and sorted the accommodation. Planned and Paid. Now I had to keep it a secret for 3 weeks. Gosh! Not my strong point.  

… But I did it.

Saturday morning, we woke up early. Jacques had an appearance booked mid morning. I sneakily packed an over night bag, and hid it in the boot of the car. Also had minor heart failure when I realized I couldn’t find our ID’s (and to go about my search with out freaking out, 5 minutes due to leaving the house and no explanation as to why I was as white as a sheet and as flustered as Heat Magazines Journo, Andre’ Neveling at the thought of a Spice Girl Reunion)

Bingo … In my Make-Up draw.

We attend the appearance, leave on time, drive casually toward the airport, park in an over night bay, and I proudly break the news! “Baby I am taking you to go see Gordon”. Needless to say I scored brownie points. Big Time!

Gordon Ramsay’s show was all we expected and more, charming, comedic and charismatic. I can not for the life of me remember what he cooked but with a sherry in hand (or a bottle in Jacques’ case) we watched the witty Brit capture the attention of us all. His show was raw, his mind is logical, his delivery was genuine, his knowledge is inspiring and the experience with Jacques, Priceless.

We got our cook books signed, (Jacques even requested Ramsay to write, “To Jacques, F*ck You” signed, Gordon) That book finds itself proudly displayed on our kitchen shelf.

For a man who isn’t phased by celebrity lives, crushes or meetings, Jacques enjoyed this one. I’ve always said, there are two people I would love to arrange Jacques to meet. Gordon Ramsay, and tennis tyrant Roger Federer. The only two people Jacques would actually go out of his way to see.

One down, one to go.

“You did good, kid” … I love it when he says that to me.


Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Welcome to my first blog entry, I have been working on this site for quite a while along side Linda Rudolph of Issential Designs and am so excited to finally share it. Deciding to include a blog as a feature in my site was a tough decision. I was going to either commit to it as a full function, or leave it out completely, so here goes the challenge! I love writing, although no formal training, classes or guidance and I don’t ever intend on taking it seriously, but I was also fearful of putting down my inner most deepest thoughts and being judged on my content.

Anna Nalick says it best in her lyrics to “Breathe”

“… And I’m naked in front of the crowd, cos these words are my diary screaming out loud, and I know that you’ll use them however you want to” – I just… relate.

Anyhow, I have decided to take this on, but on a lighter note (and that is key), the decision came in 2 stages.

I was sent an interview a few weeks back, the first question read:

Let’s get the basics covered right at the outset. In no more than five words, Who is Charne’ Jade?

Five words? I can not for the life of me describe myself in five words… I am female, I deserve more words than that?! After a 2 minute think I wrote …

An adventure driven, enthusiast with a desire to live, travel and experience as many cultures, opportunities, people and moments with an open mind, lovable heart and excited soul – bet you didn’t expect that coming!?

I re-read my response and have been rather chuffed with my definition ever since. It explains who I am and who I strive to be… perfectly.

And so the first stage of considering writing a blog, about travels, experiences, thoughts, cultures, foods, relationships, music, art and simple good living was planted.

The second came at my first yoga class (a very blogish scenario); I arrived at Bikram Yoga last week, excited to get the results I see in Jennifer Aniston’s claims. R120.00 for 10 consecutive days of as much yoga as you can handle, this is my trial period. Feeling lost, and as though all the Buddha humming flexibles were staring at me, I tied my hair back, washed off my make up and left my shoes outside the studio door. I copied the way the class members laid their towels over their mats and placed their mercy bottles of what I assume was lemon water next to their heads, and then lay down staring at the ceiling awaiting the instructor’s arrival.

Bikram yoga, for those that need a quick explanation, is 26 different yoga poses and 2 breathing exercises performed in a 40 degree room. You sweat, stretch, bend and almost break your body into shapes that apparently relieve stress and tension, regulating body weight, increase blood circulation, prevent chronic diseases, limit the effects of aging, speed up your metabolism and create a more flexible, toned and stronger physical form. The instructor refers to the class as “YOUR practise”, your practise which lasts 90 entire minutes.

I was feeling this peaceful vibe, getting into the meditational pull of the room when a thin little middle aged man walked in wearing only tighty whities, and that was me… Gone. Holding back fits of laughter for 90 minutes I watched the man in front of me reveal his all as his white undies became more and more see through the more he perspired. Wishing I had a friend or family member to be my witness to this I studied him bend, twist, and then hold poses that left nothing to my imagination. There were 7 other men in the class, all dressed appropriately, I couldn’t understand why this man chose the yoga uniform he did. What’s worse is every time he caught my eyes on him he snuffed up his nose in a fashion that screamed “Dare to look at me and question, I am comfortable and in a place of peace you only dream to reach”. The class came to an end, and admittedly I was feeling good. We were told to lay on our backs, as the instructor turned off all the lights and reflect on our day, feelings and practise. As we did so, we were given the run down on the studios up and coming events and news… The posture class you could book for on the Saturday coming, the renovations we were asked to be patient about in the change rooms and lastly the exciting news, THE news that would send all Bikram yoga goers into a ball of bursting happiness. The instructor took a deep breathe, and so proudly and slowly announced that Bikram himself, the creator of this fulfilling way of life was in fact coming to Johannesburg. She gave out the details as though she were announcing the Armageddon team that would rocket into the universe and save planet earth. “R1950.00 per ticket, a 4 hour seminar with Bikram, followed by a Q/A session, lunch and then a class instructed by the man himself.” Only 300 tickets were available. She put her head in her hands and mumbled that this would never happen again, that the opportunity was life changing and then, she broke out crying, excused herself for getting so excitedly emotional and ran out of the room, tears and sweat.

I lay there in the dark, sweltering hot room. After a minute, I got up, folded my towel and walked out alone… and that is when I decided, blogging this experience was just, a must, and would be my first point of topic.

My inspiration to blog has come from my view on life, my four E’s… Embrace, Enjoy and Experience Everything, and you’ll see this line written on my home page. To be honest it serves more as a reminder to me, than it is intended for you. I stay hungry for life; stay hungry for more knowledge, more opportunities, more stories and adventures. I never give up learning, engaging and exploring places, people and the planet. I am lucky enough, to have the opportunity to attend beautiful events, be in love, do amazing things, meet great people, share an awesome family and beautiful friends and soon travel, and that is what I will write about. Light hearted. Life.