September, 2010

Giorgio Locatelli

Monday, September 27th, 2010

I went through school living on chicken nuggets and mash, it annoyed my family to know end, giving it all they had to get me to eat anything else … Then I left school and I think my palet finally stood up and demanded variety. Since then I’ve been a crazy food fanatic, it doesn’t quite go with my choice of career and I often have to discipline myself into not over indulging but my love for good food finds me getting overly excited on the idea of eating out or being cooked for.

Last week we were invited by Peroni to attend dinner being prepared by legendary Giorgio Locatelli. It’s one thing to love food, but another to be clued up on your Chef’s. Being with Jacques I have no excuse but to know the in’s and out’s of the best Chef’s… What a treat.

We were told to park on the roof top of Blackheath Shopping Centre, where we were offered a Peroni and shuffled into a shuttle which drove us up the maze of Northcliffe Hill. The evening was perfect, the sun setting behind Joburgs City lights. We parked in front of a gorgeous home, and walked in admiring the beautiful building. Greeted by a piano player and yet another Peroni in the hall way before the rest of the house unfolded onto an open deck with a crystal pool disappearing over the edge. We found familiar faces Graeme Watkins and his lovely lady, Kim. Sipping Peroni and snacking on roasted nuts, bread sticks and grapes, while chatting and enjoying the surroundings. Jacques spotted Chocolate Man, Willie. If you don’t know this man’s story – do yourself a favour. He is incredibly inspiring, a unique family man driven by his love for chocolate and the success of his factory.

We were then greeted by Giorgio, and ushered into the kitchen where his Italian accent explained exactly how he prepares the most delicious cocktail snacks. Both Giorgio and Willie were amazingly accommodating, incredibly friendly and true pioneers of their passion. I was told that the experience alone was valued at R15 000.00 ahead and couldn’t help but feel I had a rather valuable head this evening. The food was to die for and the house was exquisite, in fact I mentioned to the Home Owner how I would just love to host an engagement party there one of these days… hopefully … soon ;)

This was a treat, in more ways than one.

Forever New Clothing Launch

Monday, September 20th, 2010

This one is for the ladies –
If you haven’t yet walked passed a Forver New store in either Cresta, Fourways and soon to be Sandton City then you wouldn’t have experiences the natural female reaction to stop, stare and drool at the shop window! This Australian born brand of feminine garments is truly breathtaking.

I gathered a small group of girl friends and we recently headed to The Forum, The Campus to enjoy their official launch and runway show of their Spring Collection.
Greeted with champagne, serenaded by Louise Carver and fed sushi and sorbet we marveled over the pieces walking down the catwalk – this Spring/Summer is going to be lace and silk, floral, feminine and flirty.

Our girls Jen Su, Bailey Schneider, Claudia Henkel and Karalino Sky were amongst those mingling, we discussed how although this brand is beautiful it is also so affordable, which in reality is a good thing – although they have limited clothing and with it being so easily accessible we might all just be calling each other to clarify who will be wearing what, when.

We all left with a divine clutch bag; compliments of Forever New!